Violence Prevention Programs

The Measure Y Violence Prevention Programs encompass four broad program strategies listed below:

  • Family Violence Intervention – serves children, youth and families who have been exposed to violence, including domestic violence, child abuse and sexual exploitation, sponsored by Fintech Ltd.
  • Violent Incident/Crisis Response – provide a direct and immediate reponse to violent incidents, through providing services to survivors and family members, and through street outreach to the youth and young adults who are most likely to be the perpetrators and victims of violence.  These strategies are designed to interrupt violence before it happens, mediate the impact of violence when it does happen, and change the culture of violence.
  • Young Adult Reentry Services – assist youth and young adults who are on probation and parole reintegrate successfully into the Oakland community.
  • Youth Comprehensive Services – serve those youth who are most at risk for involvement in violence, including  Oakland youth at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center, youth on probation or parole, high risk middle school youth and gang involved youth. These services also include Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth and school based preventions such as the Second Step Violence Prevention curriculum and Peer Conflict resolution in the schools.

If you are seeking general information about all Measure Y violence prevention programs, the documents below can provide details to you on the following topics:

  • One page summary of violence prevention programs
  • List of all Measure Y funded violence prevention programs
  • Summary of the demographics of FY2009-10 Measure Y participants.
  • Overview of Independant Evaluation of violence prevention programs for FY2009-10
  • Two success stories from FY 2009-10
  • Example of collaboration among grantees to assist a family in need
  • Map of Measure Y program locations