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No matter how many major cities a country has, no matter how well developed the cities are, a cities issues are the nation’s issues. Even those countries that have very few well developed cities would have to concentrate on those few cities. This is because city related issues can greatly impact the business scope and the financial state of the country on the whole, then the personal finances. That’s why many decided to trust the Millionaire Blueprint and the results they achieved are more than satisfying.

Why are cities so influential?

Higher population density:

Most of the major cities have a very high population density. No matter how small a city is, the population of the city keeps on increasing. This means that a majority of the influential population lives in the cities.

Economic influence:

A major share of the wealth of the world come from the major cities of different countries. There are several businesses thriving in the cities. These businesses affect the economy of the nation as such.

Open to change:

Anything new, anything big that happens in the country, happens in the cities. All major revolutions happen in the cities. These are hubs of change. These revolutions affect the country on the whole.

Working population:

Cities are known to offer the largest job markets. So a majority of the working population of the nation reside in the cities. This makes the power of the city residents even stronger. This is the proportion of the population that works and affects the financial situation of any country.

Large scale urbanization:

Be it the self-sustained lifestyle or the attractive job market or the higher salaries, there are several such things that draw the majority of the population to the cities. This has not only resulted in the increase in the population of the major cities but also in the urbanization of several areas. When there is a major city offering some of the best educational facilities and higher quality of living, people would be tempted to move in. But the housing market in the cities is not very kind on the lower income groups. Cost of living is pretty high in the big cities. So those who work in the big cities and those who wish to enjoy the benefits of a city lifestyle but at an affordable price, start settling in the outskirts of the cities. This leads to the expansion of the city and the urbanization of the surrounding areas. This opens up more business opportunities in several domains like real estate.

City related issues affecting the economy of the nation:

Some of the common issues faced by large cities are traffic, higher levels of pollution, increase in price of housing and healthcare facilities and lots more. To tackle traffic congestion, more investment has to be made in the traffic monitoring and management systems, construction of better roads and flyovers and other possible ways to deviate traffic. To handle the climatic changes in the cities due to increasing pollution, pollution control systems have to be implemented. Several such preventive measures would require a large part of the budget to be dedicated to face the city-related issues before they can drastically affect the country’s economy.

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