Evaluation Reports

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Measure Y Evaluation
Measure Y legislation requires a professional evaluation of how well policing and violence prevention services are implemented.  Three percent (3%) of the Measure Y funds are dedicated to violence prevention and police services are budgeted for evaluation.  The Oakland City Administrator’s Office oversees the contract administration of the Measure Y evaluation. Resource Development and Associates is the external evaluator for Measure Y. Thier evaluation reports are below:

Measure Y Independent Evaluator 2011-2012 Mid-Year Report


Measure Y Independent Evaluator 2010-11 Final Report

  • RDA 10-11 Violence Prevention Programs Evaluation Report, Part 1
  • RDA 10-11 Violence Prevention Programs Evaluation Report, Part 2
Measure Y Independent Evaluator 2009-10 Final Report
  • 2009-10 Individual Program Evaluation Reports Part 1
  • 2009-10 Individual Program Evaluation Reports Part 2
  • 2009-10 Individual Program Evaluation Reports Part 3
  • 2009-10 Evaluation Report Part 1
  • 2009-10 Evaluation Report Part 2
  • 2009-10 Evaluation Report Part 3

Measure Y 2009-10 Interim Reports

  • Measure Y Evaluation Interim Report for FY 2009-10 (Zip File)
  • Grantee Specific Evaluation Sections
  • The highlights of 2009-10 Mid Year Evaluation:

1) In general, the Juvenile Justice Center/OUSD Wrap Around Services, Re-Entry and Employment and Street Outreach programs align to best practices.

2) Of the over 300 individuals served by Re-Entry employment programs in the first 9 months of FY 2009-10 program year, 113 obtained employment and 94 retained employment for at least 30 days. During this same period, street outreach workers placed 41 individuals in jobs.

3) Nearly all eligible Oakland youth exiting Juvenile Hall were re-enrolled in an OUSD school or education program. The average reenrollment time shrunk from over a week to just over one day.

4) OPD use of the problem solving database, SARA, has increased significantly since January, 2010.



Earlier Years  Evaluation Reports here


For more information on the Measure Y Evaluation, please contact:
Claudia Albano, Measure Y Coordinator